Apple’s new iPad Pros are more expensive than their predecessors, but it seems that despite the increase in price, it turns out that customers don’t seem to be too bothered by it because it looks like the tablets have nearly sold out for launch day which is set for next week, the 7th of November.


This is according to Apple’s website in which there are various iPad Pro configurations that looks like they’ll only begin shipping out to customers a few weeks after its release date. There are still some models and configurations left that will meet the 7th of November date, but you better hurry if you don’t want to wait too long.

That being said, it is not necessarily an accurate gauge of demand as we don’t know how many units Apple might have on hand to begin with. Plus given its brand new design and also new features, Apple could have less units on hand as new designs are typically accompanied by production delays as suppliers sort out the kinks.

However at the same time we wouldn’t be surprised if it is sold out because of high demand. Many early impressions of the tablet were met with high praise as many features were what iPad users have been asking for for a while now. The tablets are expected to be available in-store on launch day, so if you want the iPad Pro on the 7th of November, you’ll need to head to a store on that day to get your hands on one.

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