For a while now PUBG has been plagued with cheaters, with many feeling that these cheaters came about after the game launched in China. So much so that many players have pestered the game’s developers to implement region locking to prevent players from China from “infiltrating” their servers with cheaters and bots.

The developers had initially refused to impose region locking, but ultimately they caved in, but now it looks like players aren’t too thrilled by it anyway and have taken to the forums to complain. Basically they got what they want, but now they are saying that because of region locking, they are finding issues with latency which has apparently been made worse. Some are also having a hard time trying to find games, which is understandable given that the pool of players and games to choose from got much smaller.

Some are also saying that following region locking, they are being matchmade with more cheaters than before. It is unclear as to how the developers of PUBG plan to address these issues, but it seems that despite getting their wish for region locking, the end result wasn’t really what many of these players had anticipated.

We imagine that this experience might vary from region to region as some regions might have more players than others, which should address the lack of games issue, while others are unfortunately grouped in regions where more cheaters reside.

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