While video games can be immersive and in some cases, extremely addictive, it is important that we take breaks from playing to walk around the house, do some chores, and basically unless you’re a professional gamer, perhaps try to focus on other parts of your life as well besides gaming.

Unfortunately for a teen in Hyderabad, India, it seems that the allure of PUBG was simply too much for him to ignore, where after constantly playing the game non-stop, h e suffered a stroke. According to the doctors, they attributed him playing too much video games as the cause for thrombosis, which is a brain blood clot.

The report claims that the teen suddenly felt his right hand and leg go numb, resulting in his stroke. Thrombosis is said to be more common amongst older people, but it seems that the teen’s sedentary lifestyle could be the issue, where he would often skip meals which led to acute weight loss, nutrition deprivation, and dehydration.

According to the teen’s mom, her son would play the game from 9pm all the way until 3-4am in the morning, where he would pause the game to go to his part-time job as a newspaper delivery boy. He is also a student in his second year of a Bachelor’s program. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending where the teen is said to have recovered and been discharged from the hospital.

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