Battle royale titles aren’t popular because of their back story. They’re popular because you’re dropped in a shrinking map with loads of other players to fight it out until you’re the last person standing. PUBG is looking to add a story element to the game, though, and the first trailer released to provide a sort of a story for the game takes things into a darker direction.

PUBG Corp has released this story trailer for the game as it prepares to launch the fourth season. It provides the first proper story element for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and one has to say, it’s darker than some would have expected it to be.

The trailer beings with a small child on Erangel which is the game’s first map. The child is the only survivor after a horrifying battle took place on the island. The trailer then skips quite ahead in the future where the boy has grown into a man who is flush with cash and organizes battle royale tournaments on Erangel.

The narrative here is considerably darker compared to that of Fortnite, PUBG’s biggest competitor, which has an overall cartoonish look and feel while it relies more on in-game events and environmental storytelling. PUBG Corp. is understandably doing the groundwork for the “original narrative experience” that’s being built for the game by Glen Schofield of Call of Duty fame.

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