Samsung’s HMD Odyssey headset was one of the best of its kind for the Windows Mixed Realty platform and the company has today announced an improved version of the headset called HMD Odyssey+. Some minor improvements have been made to the headset to provide a better user experience. The displays have been upgraded with an Anti-Screen Door Effect to help reduce nausea in users.

The Anti-Screen Door Effect technology will prevent the pixelation that can sometimes be experienced in virtual reality headsets. It retains the dual 3.5 inch AMOLED 1440×1600 per eye resolution of its predecessor but there’s a bigger eye box now to prevent fogging. The Anti-Screen Door Effect technology makes the spaces between the pixels less visible and this bumps up the perceived PPI from 616ppi on the previous model to 1233ppi on the Odyssey+.

The improvement should help prevent dizziness or nausea in users when using this headset. There’s a new Inter-Pupillary Distance wheel on the headset to allow users to adjust the lenses for a better match with their eyes.

It retains some key elements from the predecessor such as AKG audio and 6 Degrees Of Freedom tracking. The new Samsung HMD Odyssey+ is now available in the United States from the company’s website and the Microsoft store for $499.

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