We’re sure many of us have group chats or individual chats that we’ve muted. Maybe that person sends way too many text messages or they’re just not worth being notified about. However the badge count still shows up which can be a bit misleading especially if you did not remember having received any new messages.


However the good news is that according to WABetaInfo, it looks like WhatsApp has finally rolled out a feature called Silent mode. Basically this will hide badge numbers for chats that you have muted, meaning that badge count will only show for messages that you want to be notified about. However we should point out that this feature seems to be only available for Android and that iOS users have yet to receive the update, although we imagine that it probably won’t be too far off.

In addition to Silent mode, WABetaInfo has also revealed that WhatsApp is working on a feature called Vacation mode. However it seems that despite the name, Vacation mode doesn’t really sound like what it does. According to the description, Vacation mode will basically keep muted archived chats muted.

For example if you muted a chat and archived it, right now whenever someone sends a message in that chat, it will resurface in the main chat list. Vacation mode will keep that chat archived even if a new message arrives, but only if that chat has been muted. Like we said this doesn’t exactly sound like a “Vacation” mode which we imagine is some kind of “DND” mode. Vacation mode is still in beta and we expect that it will eventually find its way to the main app.

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