Last month Apple took the wraps off their new iPad Pros. Apple changed up the design of the iPad Pro to give it an edge-to-edge display, and in the case of the smaller version, it allowed Apple to offer up a larger display while keeping the entire body roughly the same size, which bumped it to an 11-inch display.


So the question is, how does the new 11-inch iPad Pro fare against its predecessor, the 10.5-inch model? That’s what the folks at AppleInsider have attempted to find out in the video above, which compares the performance between both tablets. Now it is clear that the 11-inch model is the winner in terms of performance as it simply blows its predecessor out of the water in terms of its benchmark scores.

Now since benchmarks only tell one part of the story, AppleInsider also attempted some real-life tests by exporting a 4K video. In their tests, they found the the new iPad Pro only took 2 minutes 56 seconds to complete the export, versus the older model which took more than twice as long at 6 minutes 10 seconds.

They also tested how long it would take to export edited JPG files where the new iPad Pro took 2 minutes 33 seconds, while its predecessor took 2 minutes 58 seconds, in which the differences aren’t as obvious. That being said, the overall differences are huge so if you are thinking of getting an iPad Pro, perhaps investing a bit more money into the newer models could help you futureproof yourself.

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