With Sony finally relenting on the whole cross-play thing with Fortnite, it certainly signalled to the gaming community that the cross-play between consoles could soon become a common feature, similar to how PC gamers using different brands and builds of PCs can play with each other.

Unfortunately that future isn’t quite here yet because if you were hoping that BioWare’s upcoming Anthem would support cross-play, you might have to wait. In a tweet by Mark Darrah, Anthem’s executive producer, he responded to a question by a gamer if the game would support cross-play across all platforms, to which he responded by saying, “Not at launch”.

His comment was brief but it also left the door open to the possibility that cross-play could come in the future. Note that this isn’t a guarantee that it will, but at the very least it suggests that BioWare is interested in the feature. It is possible that his non-committal answer could be because other companies like Sony and Microsoft need to get on board with the idea as well.

In any case if cross-play was a feature you were anticipating, like we said, you might have to wait and even then there’s no guarantee that it will happen. Anthem is BioWare’s latest franchise and is scheduled for a release on the 22nd of February, 2019 where it will be playable on the PC, Xbox One, and the PS4.

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