Many scoffed at Apple when the company first launched the iPad, but fast forward to today, it is clear that the iPad is here to stay, with some users even shifting from using a laptop to the tablet full time. Now it seems that more are shifting to the use of the iPad, such as Broadway productions where some shows are swapping out physical production books and scripts in favor of the tablet.


For those who might not be familiar with the intricacies of a Broadway production, behind the scenes there are usually a ton of physical mediums being used, such as production books that are filled with scripts, choreography changes, and more, which depending on how elaborate or complex a production is, can get quite thick and heavy to lug around all day.

This is where the iPad comes in handy where certain productions have turned to an app from a startup called ProductionPro to help make their production a paperless one. ProductionPro is already used by companies such as Walt Disney Studios so it should be robust enough to get the job done. The use of the app also means less wastage in terms of paper and also greater efficiency, where any changes made to the production can be pushed out to all users pretty much instantly.

Broadway isn’t alone in transitioning to the use of tablets. Several years ago airline companies were also swapping out flight books and manuals usually brought onto planes for tablets. We also saw Microsoft work with the NFL to introduce Surface tablets to the game, where coaches can use the tablets to strategize and review their games.

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