When it comes to full-frame mirrorless cameras, for years Sony has more or less monopolized the market with its A7 and A9 cameras. However it looks like Sony is about to get some very serious competition from Canon, at least as far the Japanese market is concerned, according to a report from BCN Retail (via Peta Pixel).


The report claims that Canon now commands a whopping 22% of full-frame mirrorless sales in the country, which is very, very impressive when you consider that it was only back in September that Canon launched the EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera system. It also seems that despite only having one model, Canon has managed to beat out the likes of Nikon who reportedly accounts for about 10% of full-frame mirrorless sales.

However there is the question as to whether or not Canon will be able to maintain its momentum or if this initial surge is just due to the excitement and hype surrounding the camera. The company is also rumored to have at least two more EOS R bodies planned for 2019 and we imagine that should help with their market share.

That being said, we doubt that Sony will be allowing Canon to so easily steal its market share. The company had previously stated that they will have a “serious” answer to Canon and Nikon’s recent camera launches. In the meantime Fujifilm doesn’t seem to be too concerned as the company states that they have no plans to go full-frame.

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