In some countries, certain websites are blocked for various reasons. However an easy way to bypass these restrictions would be to change your DNS, and Google’s DNS is one of the free options out there. Now earlier this year Cloudflare launched their own resolver that anyone can use for free, and now it looks like that DNS resolver has since been turned into an app.


Dubbed, the app doesn’t do anything different if you were to change your DNS manually. However given that changing your DNS isn’t exactly something that everyone knows how to do, the app simplifies the entire process by basically turning it into a toggle where you can choose to turn it on or off.

As to why you might choose to use Cloudflare versus Google, considering that Cloudflare is used by many websites and servers, using their DNS could in theory allow for faster connectivity speeds to those websites. The company is also claiming that using their DNS prevents your carrier from tracking your browser history, and that information stored on its servers will be deleted after 24 hours.

They have even hired KPMG who will perform an annual audit of the company to prove that they do indeed do as they claim. For those who are interested, the app is available for free on both iOS and Android.

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