The “new car smell” is a novelty for many of us since we don’t buy new cars all that often. It’s a smell that many new car owners cherish for a long time before it gradually fades away. It turns out that Ford has filed a patent for a method which would get rid of this smell from new cars. It has done this because the new car smell is not that appreciated in China.

Customers in China don’t really like the new car smell which is basically the byproduct of the volatile organic compounds created by the leather, adhesive, and other materials. The Chinese auto market is a lucrative one so it makes sense why Ford wants to be more sensitive to the customers’ needs.

The patent highlights how software will be used to sense the car’s location and the weather. It will then detect if the owner wants the volatile organic compounds to be removed from the vehicle. If that’s the case, it would roll down a window on a sunny day, turn the engine on with the heater and fan to bake off the smell.

The software that’s described in this patent reportedly works on cars that have some level of autonomy as the system would even be able to drive the car to a place in the sun in order to bake off the smell. Current regulations prevent cars from driving all by themselves so even if Ford has filed a patent for this, it may be a while before this technology serves its purpose in the real world.

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