Huawei May Beat Samsung To Its Own Notch-Free Solution

Samsung teased its notch-free smartphone display solution last month. It hinted that the Galaxy A8s would maximize the screen to body ratio without needing a notch. It was then reported that the display panel of the Galaxy A8s would have a hole to house the camera. It appears that Huawei might ship a device with a similar display panel before Samsung does.

It’s no secret that Huawei has its sights set on Samsung’s leading position in the global smartphone market. It wants to dethrone the Korean giant to claim the number one spot for itself.

So it’s not surprising to see that Huawei may have already been working on such a front camera solution for its devices. It has posted a teaser on its official Weibo page which suggests that it may release a smartphone with a no-notch display and a cutout in the panel for the camera.

Samsung is reportedly going to launch the Galaxy A8s in January 2019. Today’s report suggests that Huawei could have its device on the market by December this year. It would thus get a leg up on its biggest rival and the bragging rights for which it has likely been rushing to get this device out the door.

Whether or not that actually happens, remains to be seen. No further information is available as yet about this unannounced Huawei smartphone.

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