We know that pledging support on a crowdfunding platform can be a bit scary. This is because it’s hard to tell if what you’re backing is the genuine item, and whether or not it will be successfully delivered, and if the funds you’re pledging will actually go towards its production as there have been stories of how some creators have run off or squandered their money.


To put your mind at ease and to encourage both creators and customers to use their platform, Indiegogo has since announced plans for a new program called “Guaranteed Shipping” (estimated to launch early 2019 with select campaigns). This new program, as its name implies, will guarantee that the campaign you are funding will deliver on their promise, failure of which to do so, you will get a refund.

Speaking to Engadget, Indiegogo CEO David Mandelbrot said, “We know that receipt of the perk is very important for the overall backer experience on Indiegogo and by guaranteeing delivery of certain perks, we can help ensure backers get their perks or get their money back. This is another way we are helping entrepreneurs bring the next generation of innovative products directly to the consumer.”

That being said, not all projects and campaigns will be covered by the new program. This is because it will be an opt-in program, which means that it’s up to the creator to decide if they’re confident enough to deliver on their promise. There are still risks involved, but hopefully this will help reduce some of it.

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