Elon Musk’s The Boring Company might have come into existence with the idea of revolutionizing public transport in congested cities but the company is interested in digging far more than just tunnels for its transit systems. Speaking at the National League of Cities’ 2018 City Summit in Los Angeles this week, Musk said that The Boring Company wants to provide tunneling services for a variety of other uses such as electrical and sewage.

“We’re not going to turn our noses up at sewage tunnels. We’re happy to do that too,” Musk told the audience, adding that the company is happy to do tunneling for water transport, electrical, and sewage services.

The annual summit is attended by thousands of mayors and city officials from across the United States. Musk sat down with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to talk about ongoing and future projects.

The Boring Company’s first underground transportation tunnel will be opened next month. It’s located in Hawthorne where Musk’s SpaceX is headquartered. The Boring Company’s entire underground transportation loop in the Los Angeles area is expected to be ready in four years.

The tunnel system will be used to transport people and cars on electric skates that will be capable of reaching speeds of up to 155 miles per hour. Stations will be dotted across the Los Angeles metro area to drastically cut transportation times for residents.

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