For the longest time ever, Sony pretty much enjoyed practically zero competition when it came to photographers shopping for full-frame mirrorless cameras. While full-frame DSLRs are plenty, Sony more or less had the mirrorless market cornered for full-frame sensors, but since then both Nikon and Canon have launched their own full-frame offerings.

Not to be outdone, a report from Sony Alpha Rumors is claiming that based on information from their source, Sony is working on a new 60MP full-frame sensor where one of its key features is its ability to record video at a whopping 8K resolution. Given that 4K resolution has yet to achieve ubiquity, 8K does seem like it might be too advanced, but it should help to futureproof devices.

According to their source, the sensor is said to be capable of shooting 8K at 60fps at 10-bit, but it can also record 4K at 60fps at 12-bit in case you might not need such high-resolution videos. That being said, one has to wonder which camera could end up featuring this new sensor. Earlier this year Sony stated that they already had plans for an “answer” to Nikon and Canon’s mirrorless offerings, so this could be a potential answer.

On the flip side, Sony actually makes camera sensors for other camera makers (as well as for smartphones), so another possibility is that this 60MP sensor could simply be their way of showing off their technology to try and get more customers for its sensor business.

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