It appears that T-Mobile might still be interesting in launching its own TV streaming service. An FCC filing has revealed the hardware for this service which may be called the T-Mobile Mini. Images of the device have surfaced online as well due to this filing. It’s expected that T-Mobile could launch the TV streaming service before the end of this year.


The FCC document reveals that the T-Mobile Mini will be capable of connecting through Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. It will also feature an HDMI in and out port in addition to a USB port. The HDMI pass-through functionality may be used to enable other streaming devices and gaming consoles to utilize the port without forcing users to switch between different TV inputs.

As there’s no Coax input, the device seems to have been developed to receive TV over the internet and not through conventional cable infrastructure. The box is likely based on the technology that it received after its acquisition of Layer3 last year. No further information is available about this service right now. T-Mobile has acknowledged that it’s working on such a service, though.

It said in a statement provided to Variety that “We’re hard at work on our new home TV solution, and after launch, we’ll continue to innovate and expand T-Mobile’s entertainment solutions over time.”

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