E3 2019 is still more than half a year away, but it looks like Microsoft is starting to hype everyone up. In a recent tweet by Xbox boss Phil Spencer, the exec confirmed that they will have a lot of things to share with fans and gamers at the event, although what exactly those announcements will be remains to be seen.

According to Spencer, “A lot to share with fans at E3 2019. Always a high point of the year to witness the industry’s creativity and the energy of the community.” This also effectively confirms that Microsoft will be present at the event, unlike their rival Sony who had recently confirmed that they will be skipping the event, citing reasons such as experimenting with new ways to “delight gamers”.

What this means is that as far as the major console makers are concerned, only Microsoft and Nintendo will be at the event. This isn’t to say that we won’t be seeing any PS4/PS4 Pro games and announcements, it’s just that they won’t be made by Sony. For those who might be hoping that Microsoft will announce a next-gen Xbox at the event, it doesn’t seem too likely.

Some analysts believe that Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen consoles will only arrive in 2020 (some say late 2019), but we’ll have to wait and see.

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