A lot of companies are undoubtedly excited and eager to launch 5G smartphones. 5G networks are expected to begin rolling out next year in earnest which means that if you’re one of the first few smartphones that can take advantage of 5G speeds, your device will be in demand. However Apple seems to be ok with waiting it out.

A report from Bloomberg has revealed that according to people familiar with the matter, Apple is expected to hold off on launching a 5G iPhone until at least 2020. This means that if you were hoping that 2019’s iPhone would feature support for 5G, think again. This actually echoes an earlier report that stated that a 5G iPhone will only arrive in 2020, so if anything this new report adds more strength to the previous claims.

That being said, this is actually not the first time that we’ve seen Apple delay the launch of new technology. Back in the day when more smartphones were adopting 4G, Apple famously held off citing battery as one of the reasons they wanted to wait. Presumably Apple’s approach here seems to be similar, with Bloomberg citing how first-gen tech tends to be a bit problematic, which is why Apple could want to wait it out until it stabilizes lest they launch a phone that has spotty connectivity.

There have also been reports that claim Apple wants to develop its own 5G modems, but whether or not this delay could have anything to do with that remains unclear.

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