Samsung is expected to launch their foldable smartphone come 2019. We’ve also heard reports that other companies such as Huawei are interested in such devices as well. In fact it wasn’t too long ago that it was rumored that Apple might be considering tossing their hat into the ring with a foldable phone of their own.

Of course whether or not they do is an entirely different story, but it seems that Apple is exploring the idea, or at least the concept behind it. According to a report from Patently Apple, it appears that Apple has filed for a patent regarding a specialized coating for displays that are meant to be folded. This coating is meant to protect the display and allow it to bend without damage, especially with repeated use.

While this doesn’t really give us much insight as to what’s the development situation like at Apple regarding this foldable display, it does at the very least show that Apple is interested to a certain extent. Alternatively it could be that Apple might simply be trying to come up with a solution that they can then license or sell to other companies who want to create foldable displays.

Either way as per the previous rumors, it claims that Apple’s foldable device is years from happening, so don’t expect to see it anytime soon. In the meantime it is probably more interesting to see how the general public will react to Samsung’s foldable device, and whether or not this form factor will become the new standard in the future, or if it might end up being too niche and novel.

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