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Recently there was a report on how Apple’s new iPad Pros are bending (a stress test last month found that the tablet seems to bend pretty easily without much force). However instead of promising a fix, Apple instead told publications like The Verge that the bend is “normal” and isn’t considered a defect, and that it will not worsen over time nor will it affect the tablet’s performance.

That might be true, but if you buy a device that’s bent, doesn’t that sound like a problem? Apple has since responded to those reports, at least unofficially. In an email obtained by a 9to5Mac reader, it shows an exchange between a customer and Apple’s SVP of Hardware Engineering, Dan Riccio, where he insists that the iPad Pro  “meets or exceeds all of Apple’s high quality standards of design and precision manufacturing,” and that they “carefully engineered it”.

He also states how the specification of the iPad Pro’s flatness is “tighter than previous generations” at 400 microns. Riccio also claims that the original report did not include a company statement, one that they are planning on issuing to various media outlets later today. We’re not sure what Apple can say that will reassure customers, but so far there have been some customers who have managed to take their devices back in for an exchange.

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