Electric vehicle owners in California will now have access to the fastest EV chargers in the nation, if not the planet, even though they can’t really be used at this point in time. Volkswagen’s Electrify America has installed the first publicly available 350kW electric vehicle chargers in California, at Simon’s San Francisco Premium Outlets in Livermore Valley to be precise.


This shopping arcade is located some 40 miles from San Francisco proper and offers two of these 350kW EV chargers alongside eight new 150kW electric vehicle chargers. If a compatible car is plugged into any one of the two 350kW chargers, they will deliver about 200 miles of range in under ten minutes.

There are already quite a few EV chargers at this location. It’s a Supercharger spot for Tesla cars as well with 20 of them installed at Simon’s San Francisco Premium Outlets. Simon’s locations are getting Electrify America’s stations as well. It will be installing them at Simon’s locations nationwide with 17 of them being in California alone.

Even though these super fast electric vehicle chargers have now been installed, the cars that they can at that rate have yet to arrive. The Porsche Taycan will be one such vehicle, capable of being hooked up to a 350kW charger, but it may not hit the road until 2020.

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