Recently there was a report about how Apple could continue to face struggles in terms of iPhone sales over in China, where it was reported that apparently some Chinese companies in a bid to support Huawei, would offer employees subsidies if they were to buy Huawei phones instead of iPhones.


However according to a report from the Nikkei Asian Review, it seems that some Chinese companies are going to even further lengths to encourage the adoption of local brands, where apparently some are threatening that they would fire employees who did not comply with their plans to boycott Apple, and would even fine them the equivalent of the price of an iPhone if they are caught. Some are also threatening to withhold the bonuses of employees caught using iPhones.

This is actually not the first time that Chinese companies have rallied behind other local companies. Several years ago during a dispute with Japan over some land, stores belonging to Japanese companies were vandalized and destroyed during protests. Another instance was when Korean businesses such as Hyundai and Lotte faced boycotts of their own when Seoul deployed a US missile defense system.

Whether or not this boycott will eventually come to an end remains to be seen, but it is a stark contrast compared to several years ago when Apple called China one of its largest markets, and where it was even rumored that the decision to offer the iPhone in gold was so that it would appeal to Chinese customers.

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