One of the things Facebook has allowed users to do is to save items from Facebook into a personally curated bookmarks of sorts. These bookmarks will allow users to save websites that they want to refer to at a later time, posts, videos, photos, shopping links, and so on, and now it looks like that feature is getting more social.


Facebook has started to allow users to share their saved bookmarks with their friends. What happens is that within your bookmarks, you will be able to invite people you want and they’ll be able to see the entire list that you’ve curated so far. They will also be able to add to that list, so if you’re trying to do something collaborative like come up with dish ideas for a potluck party, or curating gift ideas, then inviting friends to that list will let you collaborate on ideas together.

In a way this reminds us of Amazon’s wish lists which just a couple of months ago, was updated to allow users to collaborate together. However the difference is that Facebook’s bookmarks feature is more broad and can cover a variety of topics, not just things that you want to buy. We imagine it could also be used for work or school, where you could share links for research purposes and so on.

To start sharing, go to the “saved” section of Facebook, tap the list that you want to share, and then click “Invite” to start adding people to the list and you should be good to go.

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