As the competitive gaming scene is growing, so are the number of peripherals and accessories that are catered towards gamers, such as gaming monitors, gaming RAM, gaming keyboards and mice, gaming glasses, and so on. This is why it is not surprising to learn that there are now gaming gloves.

Launched on Kickstarter, the Flashe gaming glove claims that it will be able to improve the performance of your gaming. How does this work? Basically the glove is more of a compression sleeve that athletes sometimes wear to improve their blood circulation. In this case it does more or less the same, and claims that it will also reduce muscle stress and offer up faster recovery.

Its creators are also boasting that it “reduces fraction” when your arm is on the table or mousepad, thus allowing you to glide your hands around unimpeded. There is also a built-in wrist rest that elevates your wrist so that when you’re using your mouse, your wrist won’t be bent at an angle which could lead to RSI.

Now we’re not sure how accurate all these claims are, but like we said, it goes to show how there seems to be a gaming product for just about everything these days. That being said, it seems to have generated a fair amount of interest as it has managed to raise almost six times what they intended to raise.

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