Some of you might be familiar with a very classic Christmas movie from back in the day known as “Home Alone”. For those who aren’t familiar, it stars Macaulay Culkin who plays as Kevin McCallister, a young boy who was accidentally left home alone (thus the name of the movie) by his family who were rushing off for their Christmas holiday.

While the young McCallister initially enjoyed the freedom of being home alone afforded him, his house was soon beset by burglars in which he had to create a variety of traps to help defend himself and his home. That’s pretty much the entire premise of the movie, which Google seems to have decided to revive in an ad for the Google Home and Google Assistant.

In this ads, Google attempted to recreate some of the scenes from Home Alone and even managed to enlist the help of Macaulay Culkin himself, who for the most part has largely stayed out of the spotlight. In this version however, Google attempts to show how different the movie would have been in this day and age, where connected smart speakers would have resulted in a very different film.

In any case it is a rather heartwarming and nostalgic ad, so if you have a minute or so, perhaps this could be an ad worth checking out.

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