It seems that foldable smartphones are the next trend in mobile devices. So far we know that companies such as Samsung plan to launch such a device, although if some of you recall, they are not alone. In fact last year there were rumors suggesting that Microsoft could have a foldable device in the works codenamed “Andromeda”.

Now according to the latest report from BGR which cites a book called “Beneath the Surface” by tech journalist Brad Sams, it seems that Andromeda could be launching in 2019. Previously it was reported that it would most likely not be launched in 2018, which we suppose makes 2019 a pretty good time period for the launch. For those learning about Andromeda for the first time, this is actually not the first time that Microsoft has visited the idea of a foldable device.

Many years ago, Microsoft had the idea for a foldable digital notebook called the Microsoft Courier, and that Andromeda is basically a revisiting of that project but with a much more modern taken on it. Details are unclear about the device at the moment, but it sounds like it won’t be a phone and will instead be more of a tablet/notebook, meaning that it might not necessarily compete with Samsung.

Given that Microsoft seems to be more or less done with the idea of making their own phones, and is instead focusing on its Surface brand of tablets and computers, it sort of makes sense. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but we’ll have to wait until 2019 to find out.

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