The tasting of wine can be a rather intimidating experience, especially in the presence of others who might be more experienced. However if you’re worried that maybe your palate isn’t sophisticated enough to discern the various aspects of the wine you’re drinking, not to worry as technology is here to help.

Dubbed MyOeno, this is a scanner that you can dip into the glass of wine that you’re drinking, and it will then be able to scan the contents of your wine to give you details about it, such as strengths, tannins, acidity, evolution, and so on. The accompanying smartphone app will also allow users to store information from those scans into a list of preferences, so that you know what features of a wine that you like/don’t like, and you can even search for wines that are similar to those you enjoy.

The device works by using visible and near-visible spectrum analysis that sends out specific wavelengths, and based on the absorption of those wavelengths, it will be able to provide detailed analysis of what you’re drinking, thanks to MyOeno’s algorithms that can separate the different characteristics of wine.

So far it seems that MyOeno only works for red wines so if you’re more of a white wine kind of person, we suppose you’d be out of luck until the company decides to create a similar scanner for white wines. In the meantime those who are interested can get their hands on the device from Amazon.

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