Right now, there are various machines for the home where you can make all kinds of drinks. For example there is Nespresso which can brew you coffee using coffee beans in a capsule, then there’s also Keurig that does the same thing, but it has more options as you buy capsules for soft drinks.

However, if there is a recurring trend, it is that they all involve capsules per drink which can be wasteful and bad for the environment. However, a company by the name of Cana thinks that they might have solved that issue with a device called the Cana One which they are calling the world’s first “molecular beverage printer”.

It is basically a single cartridge that comes with all kinds of flavorings so that you can make pretty much any drink you want, whether it be juice, soft drinks, coffee, wine, cocktails, and so on. According to the company, this is based on the concept that a lot of drinks out there are primarily water with just flavoring added to it.

Cana says that researchers spent years isolating the trace compounds behind flavor and aroma, and based on that, they are able to create a wide variety of drinks. The cartridge in the machine will be replaced for free and are designed to last about a month, but users will have to pay for the concoctions on a per-drink basis where it ranges between 29 cents to $3.

Users will also need to have a sugar cartridge and a spirits cartridge and a CO2 cylinder that helps make carbonated drinks. The Cana One will be priced at $499 for the first 10,000 orders but will jump to $799 after that. It is expected to begin shipping in early 2023.

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