OnePlus has confirmed that they will be launching a 5G smartphone come 2019, but when exactly in 2019 will the phone launch? Speaking to CNET in an interview, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has revealed that the company is hoping to launch it by the end of May 2019, where he also seems to acknowledge that the phone might not sell as well as previous launches.


Speaking through an interpreter, Lau was quoted as saying, “The 5G product is not expected to equate to huge sales. It’s still early stage. But by 2020 it could already be very different.” Part of the reason why the 5G OnePlus smartphone might not necessarily be a hot seller is due to costs.

Previously Lau had stated that he expected that using the new technology could tack on an extra $200-$300 more compared to the company’s regular smartphones, which means that the phone could be close to the $1,000 mark, although this is something that Lau states that they are trying to avoid.

However we imagine that customers who might be used to OnePlus phones being priced somewhat reasonably might be put off by the price hike all the same. Either way we’ll have to wait and see. The 5G OnePlus smartphone is also expected to be a separate device from the OnePlus 7, meaning that it will not be replacing the OnePlus 7 and will exist alongside it.

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