Ubisoft had been teasing a new Far Cry title and the company has finally unveiled it. The title is called Far Cry: New Dawn and it’s a sequel to Far Cry 5. The story in this title is based in a post-nuclear apocalypse world years after the events of Far Cry 5. A trailer for the new title has also been released by Ubisoft.

It appears that Ubisoft is making a direct sequel for a Far Cry game for the first time. New Dawn is set some 17 years after the ending of Far Cry 5. Players will find themselves in a different version of Hope County.

The trailer shows that much has changed in Hope County since Far Cry 5. There are new weapons with more improvisation and colorful spray paint. Players will likely have to scavenge for gear in a world that feels more lighthearted overall.

Even the cover art for this game has a landscape similar to that seen on Far Cry 5’s cover. The man tied to a wrecked car appears to be Joseph Seed. Far Cry 5 players would recognize him as the bad cult leader. They are a couple of new characters in Far Cry: New Dawn which are called the Twins. They lead a group of highwaymen and don’t appear to like Seed that much.

Far Cry: New Dawn is set to be released on February 15th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It will cost $39.99.

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