iphone xsIt wasn’t until 2017 that Apple introduced their first iPhone that used an OLED screen. Before that Apple’s iPhones were exclusively relying on LCD technology. This trend continued in 2018 where Apple continued to maintain a mix of LCD and OLED, and that is expected to be the same for 2019 as well.

However come 2020, Apple could finally ditch LCD for good. A report from the Wall Street Journal claims that Apple is expected to consider dropping the LCD model from their lineup. It is unclear what this will mean in terms of the number of iPhone variants being sold. Could it be that Apple might just sell two iPhone versions instead of three which is what they’re doing now? Or could there be three OLED iPhones instead?

One of the reasons why Apple has kept LCD around is because it is cheaper than OLED and apparently components are also easier to obtain. This has led to the creation of the iPhone XR which is the only LCD model out of the trio of iPhones launched in 2018. The iPhone XR represented a more affordable iPhone and based on third-party stats, it seems to be doing well and could actually be on track to outsell the iPhone XS Max.

This is actually not the first time we’ve heard that Apple could continue using LCD until 2020, so while we won’t say that this is a guarantee, signs certainly seem to be pointing that way.

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