Apple’s top of the line iPhones currently feature a dual lens setup, but we’re starting to see how the competition is introducing triple, quadruple, and possibly even a penta-lens setup. So does Apple plan on catching up anytime soon? So far we have heard multiple reports that claim that an iPhone with a triple lens setup could be launched in 2019.

Now thanks to a collaboration between @OnLeaks and, alleged renders of what the 2019 iPhone with a triple lens camera have surfaced. The renders show the phone with a dual lens in the same orientation as the current models, but beside it there will be a third lens. It also appears that the flash unit has been moved from being in between the two lenses to the side as well.

Now many have found it odd and a bit disappointing that even until today, Apple has yet to solve the camera bump, which more than a few think is just bad design. If you weren’t a fan of the bump, then we’re pretty sure you won’t like this either as it does seem to stick out even more like a sore thumb.

Of course there’s no way to tell if these renders are accurate. @OnLeaks has had some pretty successful leaks and renders in the past, so there is a chance that he could be right again, but there’s just something about the camera design that just doesn’t feel quite right, but what you think?

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