The problem with shopping for clothing online is that you never really know how it will look like on you. Sure, you can imagine what it could look like, but imagining it and how it actually looks are two very different things. This is made worse when it comes to buying shoes, some of which can end up being costly mistakes.


However an app called Wanna Kicks is hoping to fix that problem through the use of augmented reality. The app will use the tech to allow users to “try” on the shoes before buying them. It even takes it one step further by letting users walk around in it so that they have a better idea of how it might look like.

According to Wannaby CEO Sergey Arkhangelskiy who spoke to TechCrunch, “We believe that AR try-on can help customers to shop online and will wash away the difference between online and offline shopping. We see two major problems in the shoe market. Online conversions are quite low, and returns are quite high, in comparison to traditional ‘brick-and-mortar’ shopping. The ability to try sneakers with your phone before buying online should shift conversions, engagement and returns.”

Wanna Kicks wouldn’t be the first company to use AR to sell products. IKEA had previously teamed up with Apple to use AR to help customers place virtual furniture in their homes. There are also apps that use AR to help place glasses on faces so that customers can try on virtual frames before buying them. At the moment Wanna Kicks is an app only available on iOS devices so head on over to the App Store if you’d like to get your hands (or feet) on it.

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