New free missions for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey were released this month in addition to a new paid DLC and other features that the community had long been asking for. Among those features is the ability to adjust the game’s level scaling. It’s the first time that this feature is now being offered to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey players.

There are hundreds of missions in this game that players can embark on without any particular order. These missions get tougher as the player levels up so that they can’t just breeze through them after grinding it out in the game.

A new title update will be out tomorrow which will bring four options so that players can adjust the level scaling. They will have to weigh it against missions becoming too easy and consequently rewards dropping at lower levels. So if anyone wants to breeze through the missions at the lowest setting they can do so but they will earn fewer rewards.

Additional features in the upcoming update include new mercenary tiers and rewards aside from a new blacksmith that can upgrade gear with two new levels of engravings. The free stuff includes two new Lost Tales of Greece quests, a new boss for the Cyclops, and Aya becoming an Adrestia lieutenant.

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