Legacy TV shows that did well in their time tend to drive a lot of viewership for online streaming services. No wonder services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime spend considerable amounts of money licensing series like Friends and The Office. If you’ve been meaning to stream a certain hit series from the ’90s, then you might appreciate that Amazon Prime Video now lets you stream Baywatch on-demand.


That’s Baywatch the popular TV series, not the popular movie starring Dwayne Johnson. Amazon Prime Video is adding this show to its lineup for subscribers in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

This show first aired back in 1989. The story revolved around lifeguards and their heroics to save drowning people. Since it’s a TV show, there was plenty of personal drama as well as the occasional crime solving as well. The series ran for 11 series so you can guess that it became quite popular at that time. Its finale aired in 2001.

That’s not all. Baywatch is available in HD on Amazon Prime Video. This version has been remastered for the show’s 30th anniversary so it will work just fine with modern displays. Subscribers will be able to watch the show in improved quality, something that old and new fans of the series will both appreciate.

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