A fair number of games published under EA uses the company’s Frostbite engine. It is a beautiful engine and games like Battlefield are a good example of what the engine looks like. Unfortunately for Nintendo Switch owners, the console does not support Frostbite yet, which is why games like FIFA 18 use a custom engine in its place.


However the good news is that come 2019, we might be able to expect Frostbite support on the Switch. This is according to a report from Nintendo Soup which points to a YouTube video by Doctre81 where a LinkedIn page allegedly belonging to an EA software engineer was discovered with some interesting revelations.

According to the page, it mentions how that person has “engineered already existing SDKs for Nintendo Switch”. While they do not explicitly mention Frostbite, the engineer also mentions SDKs that they have worked on in the past which includes Battlefield V which uses Frostbite. This has led to speculation that EA could be working on bringing Frostbite support to the Switch possibly later this year.

While we might be reaching with this, EA has stated in the past that they are not closing the door on bringing Frostbite to the Switch, so if anything this doesn’t really come as a surprise. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but you can check out the video above if you’d like to see the differences in FIFA 18 with and without the use of Frostbite.

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