The Qi wireless charging standard has been widely adopted by device manufacturers. This makes things easier for consumers since they can buy one wireless charging pad and use it with a wide variety of devices. A latest development hints at the possibility of future OnePlus devices also having support for Qi wireless charging.


The Wireless Power Consortium is the standards body for Qi. Oppo has now joined the WPC which means that future devices from the company could support the Qi standard. So how does OnePlus come into the picture?

Some of you may be aware that Oppo, OnePlus, and Vivo are all sister companies. They’re a part of the China-based BBK Electronics Corporation. We’ve particularly seen OnePlus follow suit not long after a new technology is adopted by OnePlus for its smartphones. So with Oppo joining the WPC and potentially adopting Qi wireless charging for its 2019 devices, it’s only a matter of time before this feature also makes it way to OnePlus smartphones.

There’s speculation that the feature might not make it to the OnePlus 7 since development on that handset is claimed to have been finished. However, there’s a possibility that OnePlus 7T could feature Qi wireless charging, but that’s far from a done deal right now.

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