When it comes to music recording on the go while using our mobile devices, there is a good chance that IK Multimedia’s iRig series of accessories might be what you turn to. The company has recently expanded their offerings with the launch of the iRig Micro Amp, which as its name implies is a tiny amplifier that you can take with you on the go.


The amp uses a 9V power supply, but at the same time it can also be powered by a set of AA batteries if you do not have access to a power supply. It will also feature an aux input and a headphone output jack in case you don’t want to disturb anyone. Users will also be able to connect their mobile devices to it via the accompanying app which should make recording on the go pretty simple.

There are also various controls on the amp that you would typically find on a regular guitar amp, so for the most part you should be familiar on how to use it if you’ve used such an amp before. It is also small enough where you could easily toss it in a bag and go. Granted having a full-sized amp is ideal, but if you move around a lot or don’t have a big room to play in, this should get the job done. It is priced at $150 and will be available for purchase this coming March.

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