Jaybird has released an updated model of its truly wireless Run XT earbuds. There aren’t any significant changes other than the fact that the earbuds are now fully waterproof. Jaybird is also offering the device in new color options. It’s unclear as yet if the company has fixed the Bluetooth connection dropout issue that many users of the old version had complained about.


The IPX7 waterproofing means that the earbuds will be fine if you’re caught out in the rain but perhaps not when you’re swimming. What many will be more interested in finding out is whether the unreliable Bluetooth problem has been addressed with the new version. That was one big reason why some customers shunned the product.

Jaybird hasn’t officially commented on the matter as yet. The original model relied on a second Bluetooth connection to communicate between the earbuds instead of the Near Field Magnetic Induction technology that’s used by other similar products.

The design itself hasn’t been updated so you’ll find the same buttons for Siri and Google Assistant as well as the same look and feel. Even the battery life remains unchanged at four hours on a single charge. The case offers two additional full chargers for a total of 12 hours.

Interested customers that pick up the new Run XT earbuds for $179.99 when they go on sale next month.

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