While Instagram was not the first to debut the Story feature, they certainly have had quite a bit of success with it where they managed to convince advertisers to start using it, and have been introducing a fair amount of new features for it too, such as polls, questions, and so on, turning it into a fairly robust tool.


Now it looks like if you’re an avid Stories user and have a subscription to Netflix, you can actually share Netflix titles onto your Instagram Stories. Note that the actual show itself won’t be shared, but rather the title itself. This means that if you’re looking for some feedback as to whether or not a show is good, you can share that title onto your Instagram Stories to get feedback from your followers.

Users can also use this feature to recommend shows that they think are good. If users viewing the Story have Netflix installed on their device, there will be a link that will open the app and take them to the show. Prior to this, users could always share Netflix titles, but this update has made the sharing part of Netflix itself which should be more elegant as it was designed specifically for it.

Given that word of mouth marketing is said to be the best and most effective form of marketing, this could be a useful way of helping to generate interest in shows beyond the usual methods of advertising.

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