We know that Samsung is working on a 5G smartphone with the various carriers in the US, but whether or not this smartphone will be a variant of the Galaxy S10 remains to be seen. However it seems that whether or not it will be a standalone handset or a variant of the Galaxy S10, a report from SamMobile has revealed that the company’s foldable smartphone could be getting 5G as well.

The report claims that a 5G version of the foldable phone will be offered in South Korea, but whether or not that version will find its way to the US remains to be seen. This is good news for those planning on adopting the phone, although we imagine that this probably isn’t doing the price of the phone any favors.

There have been reports that claim that the foldable phone will be expensive and could cost around $1,800. This isn’t surprising since it is brand new technology, and you would basically be paying for a smartphone and tablet at the same time. Tacking on 5G will probably increase that price further so we wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up costing $2,000 or more.

Samsung teased their foldable phone at SDC last year where we saw the foldable display in action, but the company is hosting an event on the 20th of February, 2019 where the Galaxy S10 will be unveiled and possibly the foldable phone as well.

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