#CES2019 – Samsung is a company best known for their phones and TVs, but it seems that the company had a bit of a surprise announcement to share towards the end of its keynote at CES. The company announced some robotic initiatives that they were looking into dubbed Samsung Bot Care.

This is a robot that can move about by itself and has been designed to take care of the elderly. It will be capable of providing users with health briefings, and will also be able to check the user’s vitals. It would also be able to monitor the user’s sleep cycles, although we’re not sure that would work, but having a robot watch you while you sleep does sound a little creepy!

As expected given that the robot is meant to help look after you, it will also be able to call emergency services if it detects that something is wrong. There are also other health-related features such as music therapy, medicine tracking, exercise guides, and so on. Of course whether or not this robot actually gets made into a product remains to be seen, but Samsung’s presentation could act as a hint as to what the future might look for some of us.

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