Sonos is reportedly branching out of high-end home audio. The company is believed to be working on a pair of high-end headphones. It would be the first such product of its kind from the company that has long been making speakers for your home. The speakers will apparently have support for multiple smart assistants as well.

Bloomberg reports that Sonos is developing a pair of high-end headphones which could be priced at $300 or more. There will be support for multiple smart assistants much like the company’s latest smart speakers do.

It may take some time before this product becomes available, though. It’s said that the headphones are currently in early development and that no further details are available at this point in time.

Sonos may be looking to do more than just make home speakers. The company has established a good brand value for itself in this segment of the market so it has a base to work off of for its first pair of headphones. Given that the company is best known for high-end products, it does make sense that its first offering would be a pair of premium headphones.

It’s unclear at this point in time when Sonos is thinking about launching this product. Since it’s in early development right, it may be a couple of months before we get to see it.

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