There’s no way to avoid the music from an artist you don’t particularly like on Spotify right now. You can’t actively search for their music but that’s about it. Their music can appear in playlists or radio stations regardless of your preferences. That’s going to change soon as Spotify is reportedly going to allow users to block and mute certain artists in its mobile apps.

Spotify is testing its “don’t play this artist” feature in the latest version of its iOS app, reports The Verge, adding that the feature will let users block an entire artist from playing. This means that songs from that artist will never be played for the user regardless of whether it’s on a chart list, playlist, radio stations, and the Spotify library.

It’s pertinent to mention here that this feature is effective against tracks from an individual artist and does not expand to any tracks that the artist might be featured on. Spotify was apparently thinking about launching this feature in 2017 but it has now decided to reverse the decision.

Spotify hasn’t confirmed at this point in time when it’s going to be rolling out this feature. It may arrive in the next few weeks for both iOS and Android.

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