Epic recently announced that Fortnite on mobile devices would start to support gaming controllers. If you’re a bit tired of having to use on-screen controls, then perhaps you might be interested in SteelSeries’ latest gaming accessory in the form of the SteelSeries Stratus Duo. This is a Bluetooth gaming controller that can be used with your mobile device.

While Bluetooth controllers aren’t new, SteelSeries is hoping that this might be more appealing to gamers as it uses 2.4GHz WiFi as well as Bluetooth for its connectivity, which should in theory offer up lower latency and deal with issues with pairing. Whether or not this actually works as advertised remains to be seen, but SteelSeries is a pretty reputable brand for gaming.

The Stratus Duo is also an updated version of the Stratus XL, but unfortunately it did make some sacrifices in terms of battery. The Stratus XL is rated at around 40 hours of gaming, while the Duo is said to be good for 20 hours. That’s still a lot of time and you can charge it while playing games so it might not be an issue for some.

It is also not compatible with iOS devices and will only play nicely with Windows and Android, so that’s something to consider. It is also priced at $60 which makes it somewhat affordable.

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