You might be wondering why your Xbox One is showing a black screen after starting up. Don’t worry about there being something wrong with the actual hardware of your console. There’s an Xbox Live problem that has essentially left Xbox One consoles useless. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Microsoft has identified a fix which will take care of this in the near future.


The problem Xbox One owners are facing is that of a black screen which comes up shortly after the console boots up. Some users also report issues with accessing save data. Microsoft was quick to acknowledge the problem through Xbox Support and confirmed that it was looking into the “Xbox One console startup, title update, and sign-in errors.”

A workaround involves unplugging the Ethernet cable which would allow the console to boot up normally since it wouldn’t attempt to make a connection to Xbox Live. However, if you’ve got it setup over Wi-Fi like most people, this workaround isn’t going to work.

We do have confirmation from the company that the service that’s causing the black screens has been identified and that the service change is now being rolled back. This means that it shouldn’t be too long before you can play PUBG on your Xbox One once again. Perhaps go outside and experience nature in the meantime? I hear it’s good.

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