When it comes to announcing and sharing details about console sales, Sony and Nintendo aren’t too share to reveal those figures. Microsoft on the other hand has been somewhat mum on that for their own reasons, but it seems that there could be a reason why, and that is because the console might not be selling as well as the competition which could make Microsoft look bad.

According to video game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad who works at Niko Partners, he claims that the global install base for the Xbox One is sitting at 41 million to date. That is an impressive figure, but when you consider that the PS4 has sold 91.6 million units to date, then it starts looking a lot less impressive than before.

Of course there is no way to confirm if Ahmad’s figures are the real deal, so take it with a grain of salt for now. At the same time we can’t say that we’re surprised that Microsoft could be lagging behind Sony. Microsoft launched the Xbox One at a higher price than the PS4, although the company justified it by bundling it with the Kinect.

However it seems that this wasn’t as attractive as they thought, which could have resulted in customers flocking over to the PS4 and locking themselves into Sony’s ecosystem. However like we said, there’s no way to know if Ahmad’s figures are the actual figures so maybe it isn’t as bad as it seems.

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