It seems that foldable smartphones will be all the range in 2019. Samsung is expected to launch one as early as next month while others like Huawei are also expected to show their hand in the coming months. Xiaomi is in the running as well and the company has now unveiled a rather unique prototype of a foldable smartphone.

Your perception of a foldable smartphone might be what Samsung showed off at SDC 2018 in November. A smartphone that folds in half from the middle and has an external display for use when you don’t want to fold it out.

Xiaomi is taking a different approach. A teaser video has been posted online today by the company’s co-founder and president Lin Bin on Weibo. The video shows that both sides of the device can be folded back to shift it from a tablet form factor to more of something that’s like a conventional smartphone.

No further information has been revealed about this device by Xiaomi but the company has said that it’s not a concept. Bin mentioned that this is an engineering prototype. Xiaomi also appears to have adapted its MIUI for this display type adequately.

It remains unclear when the company is going to provide more information about this device. Xiaomi will be present at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona next month so it’s possible that we might hear something about it then.

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