How we secure our cars is still done through car keys, where a press of the button locks and unlocks our car door, and for the most part it is still used to start our cars as well. However could these security systems be a bit outdated? Could they do with an upgrade? Possibly, and that’s something that Apple might have explored in the past.

According to a patent discovered by 9to5Mac, it seems that Apple has explored the idea of using biometric security for cars, where scanning your face could be all it needs to unlock and potentially start your car. Apple claims that some existing methods are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks, and thus the need for such security measures.

“Moreover, some conventional remote keyless entry systems are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks and other security issues. For example, the vehicle is unable to identify the person carrying the key or key fob, so anyone with the key fob can operate the vehicle.”

Of course whether or not Apple will actually create such a system remains to be seen, especially in the light of recent events where Apple has reshuffled the team of its self-driving car project, which some believe could be Apple’s way of (temporarily) shelving the project.

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